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Our Mission

Transforming our communities through the power of mentoring.

Our Program

  • The Community Based Mentor Program is at the center of our organization. 

  • We match children ages 5—14 with positive adult influences. 

  • Improve kids’ lives by bolstering their self-esteem and offering opportunities for social and emotional skill development. 

  • Kinship Mentoring can be for individuals, couples, or families. 

  • All adult volunteers are interviewed, undergo criminal background checks, and comprehensive screening before being matched with a child.


  • The Program Coordinator then matches the child with mentors based on age, gender, location, interests, and mentor’s previous experience working with youth. 

  • There is continued support by the Program Coordinator during the mentorship.


  • Our Program Coordinator is also responsible for maintaining a relationship with the mentee’s parent and/or guardian. 

  • We provide support, structure, and supervision needed to make sure everyone experiences a safe and positive relationship throughout their experience. 

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About Kinship, Inc.

Kinship, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization which believes in and promotes the concept of youth mentoring. The National Kinship office exists to serve as a resource for established and emerging local Kinship affiliates. Currently, the Kinship Affiliate Network is made up of 30+ affiliates located in the upper Midwest, having established mentoring relationships for nearly 1,800 of today’s youth. 


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