Lunch Buddies

What are Lunch Buddies?

  • The Lunch Buddies Program is designed to introduce students to the art of mentoring. 

  • We strive to improve a child’s social skills and self esteem to foster a better attitude for learning; ultimately improving school success. 

  • The student has a one-on-one assigned mentor. 

  • The pair will eat lunch together and engage in meaningful conversation while interacting. 

  • At all times the focus remains on fostering a caring and supportive friendship. 

  • Lunch Buddies Mentors are primarily recruited from area businesses. They will often agree to sponsor one or more employees to be a part of this program, and pay them for their time. 

  • Mentors will check in at the office and meet the student in their classroom. They will go through the lunch line with them, and then eat together in the designated area. 

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