Matching and Training Policies

Matching and Training Policies

Training Policy: Adopted 12-21-20

 It is the policy of the Kinship Mentoring of Columbia County that all mentors attend a minimum four-hour initial training session prior to being matched. The agendas must cover basic program guidelines, safety issues (including abuse/neglect reporting), and communication/relationship building skills. 


Each mentor will take part in at least two additional training activities through, or approved by, Kinship Mentoring of Columbia County annually. These activities may include workshops, conferences, newsletter or blog articles, videos, or other options


It is the responsibility of the executive director to plan, develop, and deliver all training opportunities with assistance from other agency staff, board members, and volunteers.  

Matching Policy: Adopted 12-21-20

It is the policy of Kinship Mentoring of Columbia County that the executive director will follow the guidelines outlined in the match procedure prior to creating a mentor/mentee match. The staff will also use the factors outlined in the matching procedure to determine the suitability of a mentor/mentee match.


The staff will determine the suitability based on the following criteria:

  • Preferences of the mentor, mentee, and/or parent/guardian

  • Similar gender/ethnicity

  • Common interests

  • Geographic proximity

  • Similar personalities

Match Support and Supervision Policy: Adopted 12-21-20

It is the policy of the Kinship Mentoring of Columbia County that mentoring staff will make phone or personal contact with all parties to each match including the mentor, mentee, and parent/guardian within two weeks of the beginning of the match and monthly thereafter for the first year.  Contact will be made at least quarterly thereafter for the remainder of the duration of the match. Staff must gather information including the dates and times spent participating in mentoring activities and a description of those activities, and assess the success of the match from all party’s perspectives. In the case of match difficulties, discord, or concerns, appropriate discussion and intervention must be undertaken to improve or rectify problem areas.


Staff must follow the steps outlined in the Match Support and Supervision Procedure.  Beyond monitoring the match relationship and activities, staff must undertake other efforts that support participants, such as regular group activities for matches, ongoing training events, a formal support structure for mentors, and the attainment of admission to community events/activities for match participants.

Evaluation Policy: Adopted 12-21-20

It is the policy of Kinship Mentoring of Columbia County that evaluation will be a key component in measuring the success of its mentoring program and for making continuous improvements in the effectiveness and delivery of mentoring services. 


Evaluation data will be collected every six months for mentees in the program, including the following general measures: youth self-esteem, academic performance, peer and parent relationships, moods, alcohol and substance use.

Closure Policy: Adopted 12-21-20

It is the policy of the Kinship Mentoring of Columbia County that all mentors and mentees must participate in closure procedures when their match ends.  Closure is defined as the ending of a formal match relationship regardless of the circumstances of the match ending or whether they intend to have future contact informally beyond the match duration. While no party is expected to continue the relationship beyond the formal end of a match, matches may continue in the program beyond the contract period (one year for Kinship Mentoring of Columbia County matches) and receive ongoing support and supervision.


Closure can occur for any number of reasons including: the contracted match duration has ended, one or both participants do not want to continue the match, there are changes in life circumstances of either the mentor or mentee, or an individual no longer meets the requirements for program participation. Hence, the match may end at the discretion of the mentor, mentee, parent/guardian, and/or program coordinator. It is left to the discretion of the program coordinator whether an individual will be reassigned to another match in the future based upon past participation performance and current goals and needs of the program.


Future contact will be at the mutual and informal agreement of the mentor, the mentee, and the parent/guardian. If future contact is agreed upon, Kinship Mentoring of Columbia County will not be responsible for monitoring and supporting the match after the match has ended. The coordinator will verbally and in writing inform all parties—the mentor, mentee, and parent/guardian—that the formal match has ended and that Kinship Mentoring of Columbia County will not be liable for any incidents that occur after the match has closed.