Mentee FAQs

  1. How old does my child need to be to be a mentee?  Kids ages 5-14 can apply to become mentees.  Youth can continue as mentees until age 18 or graduation from high school. 

  2. How much will it cost to enroll my child as a mentee? Thanks to the generosity of many caring donors there is no enrollment cost for families

  3. Our family lives on the county border and our child lives in one county and attends school in the neighboring county, can they still be a mentee?  Yes, as long as your child either lives in or attends school in Columbia County they can be a part of Kinship Mentoring of Columbia County. 

  4. What happens after we send in a mentee application?  After you send in your mentee application staff will contact you to set up an interview.  The interview is a chance for staff to learn more about the child and their needs as well as an opportunity for you to ask questions about the program and share what you're hoping for.   After the interview, if it's determined that the child is a good fit for the programs that we're able to offer staff will search for the right mentor for the child.  When a potential mentor is found you (the parent or guardian) will have the opportunity to review the mentor's qualifications and determine whether you are comfortable with the match.  If you feel good about the match, we'll set up an opportunity for you, your child, the mentor, and a staff member to meet complete any forms, and get to know each other.  Then the match is up and running!  

  5.  How often will my child meet with their mentor? Mentors and mentees are expected to meet at least 2-4 times per month for at least one hour each time they meet. 

  6.  Who do I contact if there is a problem with the match or I have a question?  Any time you have a question or there is a problem with your match whether its scheduling, personality conflicts, or something bigger and more troubling call or email our director, Amy, for assistance at 262-204-3564 or 

  7.  Can I ask for specific qualifications in a mentor? Sometimes parents and guardians would like to have a mentor for their child who meets specific expectations.  For instance, they may want a male role model in a child's life or they may have a child who loves music and be hoping for a adult who shares that love.  We welcome those requests.  It's not always possible to fulfill all of the requests, but we will do what we are able. 

  8. How long will it take to get a mentor?  Matches are made based on shared interests, location, and similarities between the mentor and mentee.  This means that the wait period to get a mentor will depend on who has volunteered to be a mentor and what they hold in common with your child.  It's difficult to determine how long the wait might be, but we will do our best to remain in communication with you through the process. 

  9. How will my child's information be shared? We follow strict record keeping and confidentiality policies. Any use of images or stories is approved by parents or guardians.  

  10.  What do I need to do if my family decides to end our match?  We understand that families end mentorships for many reasons, maybe you're moving, your schedule is too busy, or it just wasn't the right match for you.  If you decide to end the match, please contact Amy so that we can learn more about why you made that decision and arrange to create a new match, if appropriate.