Mentor FAQs

  1. What is the time commitment to be a mentor?  Mentors are asked to commit to volunteering for at least 1 year.  They are expected to meet with their mentee at least 2-4 times a month for a total of at least 4-8 hours a month.  

  2. What are the requirements to be a mentor? Mentors must be at least 18 years old.  They must have access to reliable transportation, a valid drivers license, auto insurance, and a clean driving record for at least three years. They must be residents of Columbia County.  Individuals engaged in inappropriate use of drugs or alcohol or currently in treatment are not eligible to be mentors.  Individuals who have been accused or convicted of child abuse or neglect are not eligible to mentor.  Kinship Mentoring of Columbia County reserves the right to determine the suitability of all applicants for mentoring. 

  3. What kind of training and support is available to mentors? Our mentors begin their experience with us with a two part orientation covering policies, understanding child development, reporting abuse and neglect, working with families, and more. As matches continue, mentors are encouraged to continue their training through workshops provided by Kinship, support group sessions, our e-newsletter, and blog.  One to one support is also always available from staff. 

  4. How much does it typically cost to mentor a child?  The cost of mentoring is largely up to the mentor.  Mentors are encouraged to take advantage of low and no cost activities with their mentee. Periodically, Kinship may be able to offer discounts to take part in area events or visit area businesses.  Mentors should not make purchases for or loan money to families.  Please inform staff if you are asked to do so.  

  5. Will my mentee and I get to meet other matches? Yes, periodically throughout the year Kinship will host match events to give everyone the opportunity to have fun together.  We also host an annual recognition event to celebrate the great work of everyone involved in the organization. 

  6. What do I do if my mentee gets injured or sick when we're visiting? Whenever you are with your mentee you should carry their emergency medical information form with you.  This form includes their emergency contacts, insurance and medical information.  Insure that the child gets any care that is immediately needed. Contact the parent/ guardian. Contact staff. 

  7.  What do I do if I am concerned about possible abuse or neglect in my mentee's home? All cases of abuse or neglect must be reported immediately to keep our kids safe.  Cases of possible abuse or neglect should be shared with Kinship staff and reported to Columbia County Health and Human Services.  In the case of an emergency, call 911. Do not attempt to address the issue on your own.