Travel / Transportation Policies

Transportation Policy: Adopted 12-21-20

It is the policy of Kinship Mentoring of Columbia County to allow mentors to transport mentees in their own private vehicles. The executive director must ensure that all mentors are aware of the following criteria prior to transporting the mentee:


  • All mentors must have access to reliable insured transportation; all safety equipment including blinkers, lights, brake and back-up lights, seat belts, tires, and brakes must be in good operating condition.

  • If a mentor intends to do the driving using personal transportation they must possess a valid driver’s license and present proof of auto insurance. A record of insurance will be maintained in the mentor’s file and will be updated on an annual basis,

  • Any driver who intends to transport mentees in private vehicles must undergo a driving record check that is approved by the Kinship executive director.      

  • Mentors must obey all traffic laws.

  • Mentors must also avoid using substances that might impair their ability to drive.

  • If an accident occurs while the mentor is transporting a mentee, it should be reported to the staff promptly.

  • The mentor must carry a copy of the mentee’s Medical Release Form in the transporting automobile at all times in case of emergency.


If any of the above policy is not followed, the mentor will not be allowed to transport the mentee in a private automobile or may face other consequences.

Overnight Travel Policy: Adopted 12-21-20

It is the policy of Kinship Mentoring of Columbia County to encourage mentor/mentee visits within their own community and limit overnight visits. However, overnight visits are permitted under the following conditions:


  • Overnight visits and out-of-town travel are only permitted after one year participation with a match.

    • After one year, overnight visits may occur only with approval from both the executive director and parent/guardian. 

    • After two years, overnight visits may occur with permission of the parent/ guardian only. All parties must report all such occurrences during their contact with mentoring staff, the nature of the activity, and the purpose.

  • For any and all admissible overnight travel, the parent/guardian must write and sign a permission slip stipulating:

    • Their child is permitted to travel with the mentor to the predetermined destination, specifying names and the location(s) being traveled to.

    • Permission for medical treatment in the case of a medical emergency.

  • For any and all admissible overnight travel, the mentor must write out or type a detailed itinerary of the trip, and provide this to the parent/guardian prior to leaving, and include the following:

    • The destination(s)

    • Phone number at which they can be reached

    • Times and dates of departure and arrival at each location being visited

    • Expected time of return

  • For overnight trips, the mentor must check in with the parent/guardian daily by phone, if possible.

  • During permissible out-of-town travel, the mentor should review and abide by all terms outlined in the transportation policy.